Day-one patch adding Challenge Mode to Hyrule Warriors (Read Below).

Hyrule Warriors who are looking for a test of skills that goes beyond the game’s Adventure Mode will be glad to hear that, as reported by Nintendo World Report, developer Koei Tecmo will be releasing a day-one patch that adds Challenge Mode to the game when it releases in North America on September 26.

So just what is Challenge Mode? According to members of a Nintendo Treehouse stream made earlier this week, it’s basically “Adventure Mode on steroids.” So … it’s tougher and angrier, but also has some acne problems and premature balding? Whatever you say, Nintendo.

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Distance brings Early Access patrons to the track this fall (Read Below).

After introducing players to its neon-streaked streets at PAX Prime last month and in a private beta, Refract Studios’ Distance will turn the corner on Early Access sometime this fall. Although an exact arrival date has not been set, Refract’s Kickstarter update explains the Early Access version should help private beta members find a few new multiplayer rivals.

There’s more in Distance‘s bag of tricks than just speeding along raceways – as displayed in the beta trailer, players can twist, flip and spread their wings to navigate between sections of Distance‘s winding tracks.

Xbook One is Microsoft’s console in laptop form (Watch Below).

While Nintendo has its 3DS and Sony has its PlayStation Vita to please gamers on the go, Microsoft stands alone as the only major competitor in the modern games industry without a portable device dedicated to gaming. And well, for modder Ed Zarick, that just won’t do. Behold: The Xbook One.

Combining the innards of an Xbox One with a 22-inch screen from a Vizio television and custom 3D printed parts, Zarick has turned Microsoft’s newest home console into a portable device for mobile gaming. Well … kind of.

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The White House’s game jam focused on education (Read Below).

Pizza boxes, crowded computer labs and an overworked coffee maker – these are common sightings at plenty of game jams, but the interior of the White House and Secret Service members are a bit more uncommon. USA Today reports that 100 developers saw both when they gathered in Washington, D.C. for a game jam, an event sponsored by the White House to specifically focus on education.
Science and technology advisers from the Obama administration hosted the weekend-long jam, with attendees including Far Cry 4 contributing developer Red Storm EntertainmentAngry Birds developer Rovio, and GlassLab, a collaborative effort which includes members from the Entertainment Software Association and Electronic Arts.

Weirdness: Playing as Peach Online is Triggering Auto-Bans in Japan (Read Below).

In a special Smash Bros. Direct earlier this year Masahiro Sakurai announced a feature that made as gaze skywards to praise the divine idea — moderating in online play. If players are constantly rage-quitting, playing with an awful connection, targeting a particular player or being naughty in any other way the game will dish out punishments, including temporary bans. A sound concept.. what could go wrong?

Bizarrely, it seems it is going a bit wrong with the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. It’s being reported that in the For Glory mode — in which items are disabled and purists will no doubt gather — those using Peach are being caught out for using Peach’s down-special, in which she picks up and hurls a Turnip.

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circle Pad Doom in Japan (Read Below).

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is currently being enjoyed by many in Japan, while some Club Nintendo members in the West have also had an opportunity to put the demo through its paces over the past few days. It seems that fast paced brawling may not suit the 3DS as well as previously thought, however.

As you can see in the images above and below, gamers have been hitting up forums in Japan, particularly, to show how the rigours of Smash Bros. have damaged their Circle Pads. In some cases the whole pad comes apart, while on most occasions the rubber top comes off and leaves a semi-functional analogue controller underneath — plenty of pictures are of the standard model, though the XL has featured too. Problems with the Circle Pad have been reported in the past, but the impression seems to be that the new brawler has made the problem worse and more widespread.

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Destiny engrams don’t always work out the way you expected (Watch Below).

Destiny players: engrams may decrypt as class-specific items inappropriate to your character. Even when you buy them from the Cryptarch.

Destiny veterans are probably already aware of this but it’s worth a PSA anyway: you don’t want to spend all your rare currency on engrams. It’s much safer to buy gear from the Vanguards, Crucible vendors or Xur.

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