Gamescom 2014: Paradox Interactive releases Gamescom Lineup.

Paradox Interactive has released their Gamescom 2014 lineup. (Keep reading to find out)

Today, Paradox released the list of games that will be showcased, and even some that will be playable, at Gamescom, Germany August 13-17. These titles range from recent announcements to well known titles, and even some never before seen games.

The full list includes

– Pillars of Eternity: available to play on the show floor
– Runemaster: available to play on the show floor
– Magicka 2
– Hearts of Iron IV
– Secret stuff we don’t know about

One of the more prevalent showcases will be the much anticipated Hearts of Iron IV, the WWII strategy game, up for live demonstration for the first time.  The Demo will not be held at Gamescom proper, but at Fan Gathering. Fan Gathering is an event help by Paradox, and will take place in Colonge on August 14. Aside from the showcase of Hearts of Iron, there will also be a panel of devs to answer any questions.

The trailers to all titles above can be seen here (So expect more Trailers or Gameplay Videos, once the Gamescom 2014 is Underway):

Pillars of Eternity –

Runemaster –

Magicka 2 –

Hearts of Iron IV –

Source: Gaming Blend.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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