Rumor Time: Batman V Superman may be ‘Anti Superman’

A source close to the production told Batman On Film that the movie’s basic theme is very “anti-Superman”. There will apparently be protests and Bruce Wayne will step in to save people from a major disaster because his fellow superhero either can’t or won’t. If true, that may mean Superman would need to wait until Justice League to properly redeem himself. Or this could simply be the first and second act to a larger movie that will see everyone first hate and then love Kal-El again by the end. Hell, we could even see a Watchmen type scenario where the general public is bitterly divided on “costumed heroes”. We just don’t know.

Really, that’s one of the great things about Batman V Superman. In a typical superhero flick, most of us intuitively understand the heroes will probably conquer over the villains by the end and they’ll be back for another adventure later. Here, however, we have no idea if Batman and Superman will actually fight or even if they’ll join forces by the end. For all we know, this movie could be the Empire Strikes Back of the series and their hatred for one another could allow Lex Luthor to take control of Metropolis.

Could we seriously get a movie where that guy outwits Batman and Superman? That’s probably a little too far outside DC’s comfort zone, but it could be a great way to actually bring the Justice League together. Or, and I’m just spitballing here, could we see Lex Luthor and Batman join forces to shame Superman for wrecking half the city?

Batman V Superman will be released on March 25, 2016. I’m fairly confident in saying will because the release date battle between Marvel and DC ended this week with Ben Affleck and company picking up and moving to another date. They may not have had enough pride to stay, but something tells me, there’s no way in Hell they would ever pick up and move again, even if Steven Spielberg decided to make an event film and slot it on the same day.

Source: Screen Junkies.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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