Gamescom 2014: New Grand Ages Coming to PC In 2015 (Check Trailer and Details)

Grand Ages: Medieval launching next year for PC; check out the first trailer now.

Kalypso Media today announced Grand Ages: Medieval, the first installment in the series since 2009’s Grand Ages: Rome. That game was developed by Haemimont Games, but Grand Ages: Medieval is being worked on by Gaming Mind Studios (Rise of Venice), and will launch in 2015 for PC.

Grand Ages: Medieval is set in the year 1050 AD during the High Middle Ages, a point in time when Europe was undergoing massive change and rapid population growth. You will create a society and advance it through the years in a bid to create a new empire. You’ll do this on a game map that consists of more than 30 million square kilometers extending from Scandinavia and North Africa to Portugal, the Caucasus, and the Middle East.

The game’s campaign features “elaborately designed” cutscenes, as well as a free play mode that lets you make your own rules. Grand Ages: Medieval also offers up an online multiplayer mode, where up to eight players can square off.

Your bid to establish a new empire won’t be a walk in the park, however. In Grand Ages: Medieval, you’ll need to develop an army (with knights, archers, and cavalry) to fend off barbarian attacks. And you’ll also face natural disasters like storms, fires, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes, and even the Black Death plague. Your success will also depend on how well you can establish and maintain trade lines for things like coal, fruit, and pottery.

Throughout the course of Grand Ages: Medieval, you’ll have to adapt to Middle Ages technological advances, including three-field crop rotation, the low warp loom, and the longbow. For more on Grand Ages: Medieval, check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

Source: Kalypso Media.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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