Disgaea 5 – Announcement Trailer Tokay Game Show (TGS 2014) – (Watch Below).

Disgaea 5 (魔界戦記ディスガイア5 Makai Senki Disugaia 5?) is an upcoming 2015 tactical role-playing video game for thePlayStation 4 and the fifth in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software.

Developed by: Nippon Ichi Software

Platforms: PS4

Release Date: 2015

The game was announced on September 1, 2014, at Tokyo Game Show. Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa stated that the development team initially considered a multi-platform release including the PlayStation 3, however decided to create a game which could only be done on the PS4 platform. A trial version of the game will be available via download code included within the September 25, 2014 issue of Dengeki PlayStation.


Gameplay: The game will feature new systems not seen within prior titles in the Disgaea series. In addition, the number of characters displayable on-screen has increased to 100, compared to 10 characters on the earlier PlayStation 3 titles.

The complex turn-based strategy series is coming to PlayStation 4.

Source: TGS 2014 (Tokyo Game Show).

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