Dragon Quest Heroes Official Trailer – Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2014 – Watch Below).

To close out its pre-TGS PlayStation press conference, Sony and Square Enix revealed a brand new game. It’s called Dragon Quest Heroes, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4, as well as PlayStation 3, in 2015.

Dragon Quest Heroes is under development at Omega Force, the Tecmo Koei-affiliated studio best-known for its “Musou”-style games in franchises like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. You can see the trailer for the game below.

Little else is currently known about Dragon Quest Heroes, other than the fact that it isn’t a core Dragon Quest game, and that it doesn’t play with Dragon Quest’s typical old-school, turn-based JRPG mechanics. Instead, it was referred to as an “action” game several times during the presentation, not surprising considering the developer behind it.

Dragon Quest Heroes comes to PS4 and PS3 in 2015 in Japan, and hasn’t yet been confirmed for western localization.

Square Enix has enlisted Omega Force to create this action-inspired spinoff game of the Dragon Quest franchise.

Source: TGS 2014.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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