Dance Central Spotlight – Gameplay Trailer (Watch Below).

Dance Central Spotlight was announced at E3 2014 as an Xbox One exclusive, and was released on September 2, 2014, and will not be released on the Xbox 360. Unlike previous installments, it will be distributed digitally via Xbox Games Store; the initial purchase will include 10 songs, with additional songs available as downloadable content on a weekly basis. For Spotlight, Harmonix has emphasized quicker production of DLC for Spotlight, with a goal of having new DLC songs be released while they are still on music charts.

The newest, digital-only game in the award-winning Dance CentralTM series focuses on the core dance experience. With more routines per song and a massive library of additional songs for purchase, Dance Central Spotlight lets you customize your dance sessions more than ever before.

Break a sweat with an expanded Fitness Mode including specially authored fitness routines, or use the voice-activated Practice That mode to rehearse difficult moves immediately in-song. And with choreography designed for everyone from new to advanced dancers, anyone can take the stage.

Harmonix shows off the newest dance moves and routines in this Kinect dancing game for Xbox One.

Source: IGN.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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