Battlefield 4: Final Stand takes you to the Russian arctic (See Below).

Battlefield 4: Final Stand details have emerged as promised along with a short video.

It takes place in the arctic region of Russia, and comes with four maps that are “unique and distinct” with military installations set against a “wintry landscape, expect intense, infantry-focused combat.”

Secret prototype weapons and vehicles such as the Battle pick-up rail gun which fires off rounds of kinetic energy, and the hover tank prototype, which makes use of jet propulsion engines – as well as a “few more surprises.”

“We definitely had a lot of fun designing these maps and the future-tech weapons and vehicles of Final Stand and hope you guys have as much fun with them as we do,” said DICE. “That’s why we want you to start playing them now.

“Starting today we are going to be testing pre-release versions of the Final Stand maps on the Community Test Environment.”

The servers will be running one of the four maps available to play per day and slots will be limited, sorry to say.

To sign up for the CTE you will need a PC Premium account.

Source: EA Blog.

Published by: 20th CNetwork.


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