GO! Teen Titans Live Action Show in the Works (Read Below).

If there’s anywhere DC seems to be aiming to dominate, it’s the television audience. With Arrow Season 2, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine lined up for fall and a Supergirl show confirmed to be in development, it seems as though comics will be taking over our airways soon enough. Well, get ready to add another title to that list: Titans.

Arguably one of the most successful team shows DC has ever put on television, the Teen Titans kicked took viewers by storm in 2003. With a balance of five select characters from DC’s Teen Titans comic book storylines, the right amount of action, and writing that not only made you laugh but immediately broke your heart to pieces, Teen Titans was a hit. The fanbase was so loyal to the canceled show inspired a slapstick spinoff called Teen Titans Go! that airs on Cartoon Network.

Despite the fanbase, the titans have something more akin to a cult following: widespread, vocal and dedicated, but not big enough. Or, in the case of this show and Young Justice, not the target demographic.

This ain't your kid sibling's Starfire.

With little knowledge of what the actual show will be about, there isn’t really any way to determine whether it’ll be promising or not. The show will be written by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes.TNT is eyeing the show for a pilot as it revamps it’s programming lineup, and while I have not personally been a fan of the network since the late 90’s, I can’t really tell what they’d do with a show like this.

WB and DC have the choice to continue the youthful take on this team, or beef it up with the darker, more controversial comic book storyline. In fact, I’d be supportive of both: the storyline behind the show was well-constructed and filled with great life lessons, without the cheese of most sitcom set-ups. On the other hand, a show following the comic has the opportunity to introduce characters that TV fans might have never known, such as Donna Troy, or Mirage. But if it does go by the comics, will it lose the die-hard demographic that the show’s animated counterpart had?

For now, the show is “nearing a pilot order” and tentatively titled Titans.

Source: CinemaBlend.


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