Purported footage of canned Kinect-based Gears of War strategy title surfaces (Read Below).

It appears Gears of War: Exile wasn’t the only Kinect-based game cancelled by Epic according to some alleged leaked footage.

According to the information posted by VGLeaks (via Kotaku), the Gears of War spin-off titled Gears of War: Tactics was in the works at some point, but was cancelled by Epic after reaching the Alpha stage.

Gameplay for Gears of War: Tactics, as you will see below, was controlled by voice and gesture only forging the use of an Xbox 360 controller.

Back in 2011 Epic seemed excited over Kinect and its tech and how Unreal Engine was a sure fit for games created for the camera. So while this may have just been a test project, considering it reached Alpha, we may never know whether the firm intended to release the game or not.

When asked for verification on whether the footage was authentic, Epic told us since Microsoft now owns the Gears IP, it couldn’t comment on the matter.

Source: Epic Games via (VGLeaks).


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