Super Smash Bros. demo arriving on 3DS from today – watch live Wii U gameplay here (Read Below).

Here’s some more Nintendo news for you: a demo for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS will arrive on the eShop next week in North America and Europe.

According to Nintendo of America, select Club Nintendo Platinum members will be able to try the demo early today, while everyone else can try it on September 19. The demo can be played 30 times according to the firm.

Select Club Nintendo Platinum members in North America will also be handed four download codes for the demo, so be sure to check your inboxes.

Nintendo of Europe announced that the demo will be available on September 19 and select Club Nintendo members should receive an email today with four download codes. VG247 reader H4rd_C0re_M4ture187 already has codes in hand, so have a look at your email, folks.

The firm announced all this lovely information on Treehouse Live, and if you want to watch some Super Smash Bros. gameplay have a watch via Twitch.

Source: NintendoLife.


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