Master Chief in Destiny? (See Below).

Destiny has a hell of a legacy to live up to, and it looks like Bungie may have snuck in a few cheeky references to its previous work.

Destiny is published by Activision, and Halo is the property of Microsoft, so Bungie can’t make overt references to it, even if that wouldn’t spoil the atmosphere a little bit.

But it would be strange for the team not to include at least a few little Easter Eggs as a nod to the seminal shooter, and fans have found all sorts of things they believe reference the adventures of Master Chief.

Many of these could be explained away as Bungie’s aesthetic style or wishful thinking, but this one from Redditor SmokingGhost is pretty compelling. Stand in just the right spot in the Trenchworks on Mars and look up at the command tower to spot this:

Coincidence? Maybe, even with the whole orange visor thing going on. But pretty cool nevertheless. Here’s a pictue of Master Chief for reference:

Source: GameRant.


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