The White House’s game jam focused on education (Read Below).

Pizza boxes, crowded computer labs and an overworked coffee maker – these are common sightings at plenty of game jams, but the interior of the White House and Secret Service members are a bit more uncommon. USA Today reports that 100 developers saw both when they gathered in Washington, D.C. for a game jam, an event sponsored by the White House to specifically focus on education.
Science and technology advisers from the Obama administration hosted the weekend-long jam, with attendees including Far Cry 4 contributing developer Red Storm EntertainmentAngry Birds developer Rovio, and GlassLab, a collaborative effort which includes members from the Entertainment Software Association and Electronic Arts.
The 23 participating teams retain all rights to the concepts they cooked up during the jam, and while there doesn’t seem to be an official gallery to host the designs, there’s plenty of photos and recollections unified by the “WHGameJam” hashtag on Twitter.

Source: Polygon.


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