Xbook One is Microsoft’s console in laptop form (Watch Below).

While Nintendo has its 3DS and Sony has its PlayStation Vita to please gamers on the go, Microsoft stands alone as the only major competitor in the modern games industry without a portable device dedicated to gaming. And well, for modder Ed Zarick, that just won’t do. Behold: The Xbook One.

Combining the innards of an Xbox One with a 22-inch screen from a Vizio television and custom 3D printed parts, Zarick has turned Microsoft’s newest home console into a portable device for mobile gaming. Well … kind of.

While certainly easier to lug around than a standard Xbox One and 22-inch TV, the Xbook One isn’t a device you can use just anywhere; it still requires an outlet for power, and the Kinect is not integrated into the design. Still, the modding on display here is impressive, and we could easily imagine the Xbook One being a hit with LAN parties and the like. Also, it’s just fun to say: Xbook. Xbook.

You can check out Zarick’s breakdown of the process at his website, and watch a video demonstration of the box after the break. If you want to get your own, you can order one straight from Zarick for the sum of $1,495, plus shipping.

Source: IGN.


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