Destiny: shows us your best Legendary gear! (Read Below).

Destiny has been out for about a week and some players have already put together excellent builds with sweet Legendary loot. Show us your best gear!

Destiny’s endgame gets really difficult, and you need Legendary or better gear to even attempt the highest difficulty settings – let alone Raids, the first of which opens on September 16.

Some Legendary gear is ridiculously sweet in terms of stats, but it’s the upgrade trees that make them really special. Grenades recharge with melee hits? Grenades charge super? Oh my gosh, I sense a build in the making.

We’d love to see some of your best gear. Post an image (or image link) in the comments, or tweet it with the hashtag #VG247Legends, and we’ll collect the best ones from VG247 Twitter Feeds.

Please only send in stuff you’ve found yourself. You can take screenshots very easily on the PS4, and export them via the Share button, or from the Gallery button in your PSN profile, where you have the option to pop them on a USB stick. For best results, open the item’s upgrade menu before snapping the pic.

I’ll start us off with a look at my Hunter’s Legendary helmet and rocket launcher. You may stow your envy wherever you please; it is the wind beneath my wings.



So, let’s take a look at some of your hot gear:

No one’s laughing at this badboy from Joe Davis:

The Comedian, Legend

We will be updating once more people sends us their Rare Finds.

Source: VG247.


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