DoomZ is what you’d get if DayZ and Doom got married and had a baby (Read Below).

Ever wondered what would happen if DayZ and Doom got married and had a little sprog? YouTuber and mad scientist Robert Prest decided to take DNA from both, add it to a petri dish, toss it in the womb of a PC and voila: nine months later you have DoomZ 11.0.

Prest notes the graphics will change as many items are nothing more than placeholders. He said he wanted to “get the features in there first,” such as: weighted spawn points, animals, fires and cooking, water, refilling canteens, weapons, food, broken limbs, morphine, etc.

“This is my first map in many years, and my first time using the Zdoom feature,” said Prest. “I am not a coder, and I’m no artist, but I have enthusiasm, and if anyone wants to join in by drawing a gun, or making some buildings etc, the more the merrier.”

You can see Prest’s creation below. He’s a bit hard to hear, so you will need to turn your speakers up a bit.

Source: Joystiq.


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