Halo 2′s jump glitch is included in The Master Chief Collection (Read Below).

Remember the Super-Jump glitch in Halo 2? Well, 343 Industries has confirmed it’s one of the glitches being left in the game with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Speaking with VG247, 343′s Dan Ayoub said glitches such as what’s commonly referred to as “superjump”, will still be present in the game, but only on the older maps created with the previous engine.

Players mucking around on the revamped maps created with the new engine for Halo 2 Anniversary “probably not be able to do those kind of events,” but again – the older maps on the old engine are included with the game.

At Comic Con in July, the studio stated the more famous glitches from the games would be included, such as infinite ammo.

Series director Frank O’Connor said 343 plans on “educating those who are unfamiliar” with such glitches, so they know these are suppose to be included and won’t go into rage mode. I added that last bit, not O’Connor.

Halo:The Master Chief Collection will release on Xbox One November 11.

Source: Polygon.


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