Forza Horizon 2 live-action video gets the autophile blood pumping (Read Below).

Riding in a Lamborghini Huracán as it speeds down the coastline of Italy has officially been added to my bucket list, thanks to this Forza Horizon 2 video.


Note the Land Rover in the video going across the fields: I tried that once in my Mother’s. I about flipped it on its side. It was piece of junk anyway.

Maybe one day, I will tell you all about my various vehicular adventures such as 4-wheeling in my bronco, doing doughnuts in my RX7, destroying the tires on my Dad’s 1972 Z28 show car and outrunning what would have ended in a speeding ticket in my 280Z. Yeah, I was bonkers.

Anyway, watch the video below.

Forza Horizon 2 releases on Xbox 360 and Xbox One September 30.

Source: Polygon.


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