Destiny’s concept art is as beautiful as the game itself (See Below).

You won’t find me, or any of Destiny’s sharpest critics, saying a bad word about Destiny’s art and environment design. The game’s concept art is the inspiration to all of those distinct environments and levels atop destiny’s planets, and we’ve got a bunch of them for you to admire.

destiny concept 41

One of the reasons the game looks that good, is because the art is made by a number of high-profile artists, some of them have done work on Halo, Guild Wars 2, and many more.

The work featured below is the work of artists Joseph Cross, Ryan DeMita, Isaac Hannaford, Jaime Jones, Kekai Kotaki, Darren Bacon, Adrian Majkrzak and Dorje Bellbrook.

Have a look at the massive gallery below:

It’s certainly refreshing to see most of these making their way into the game, almost with identical lighting, except for that space tiger.

Source: Kotaku.

Image Source: VG247.


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