League of Legends: negative players won’t be allowed in ranked play (Read Below).

League of Legends developer Riot Games is continuing to look into ways to prevent negative and toxic players form ruining good games. The studio is now implementing a new method to deny said players from entering ranked play.


A forum post detailing the new system was published today.

The developer is calling the system “Ranked Restrictions.” It has been in testing in the game’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) for a bit and having proved its usefulness, it will now be deployed to live servers in the NA and EU regions, with more regions to follow.

The new system basically prevents toxic and negative players from joining ranked queues until they’ve completed the required number of games in Normal Draft. Ranked Restricted players will also be Chat Restricted in other queues, and will be re-evaluated after finishing the required number of games, those who fail this evaluation will continue to be restricted from playing ranked.

Furthermore, Ranked Restricted players who were the most negative, will not be illegible to earn end-of-season rewards.

“While the majority of players will not be affected by this ruling, we wanted to message it well in advance so that players concerned about their behaviour have more than enough time to adjust and reform before the end of the season,” noted the developer in the update.

Source: Riot Games Forums.


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