Rocksmith 2014 heads to PS4 and Xbox One in November (Read Below).

Good news fledgling guitarists/bassists who own either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One: Rocksmith 2014 Edition will arrive on the systems in November.

Players will even be able to use the consoles’ streaming and capture features to record and share their mad shredding skills and custom tones from Tone Designer with friends.

Visuals have also been upgraded to 1080p HD “for greater clarity and visual quality.”

Rocksmith 2014 will also make use of Remote Play on PS4, allowing users to view songs at a “locked mastery level without any scoring or input required” using PlayStation Vita.

This mode allows the ability to review a song without feedback, “study specific sections of songs or practice in another room.”

The game includes 50 tracks with over 300 additional songs available through XBL and PSN. Ubisoft updates content for the game on a weekly basis.

If you already own the game on last-gen consoles, all DLC tracks can be imported across the same system family.

Rocksmith 2014 arrives on the new systems November 7.

Source: Kotaku.


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