Flee from a toothy, clawed storm in 2.5D platformer Shu (Read Below).

Surely you can outrun a perilous, world-ending storm, oh proven master of the platformer genre, but what about fellow villagers that don’t have your finesse? Would you just run past, leaving them for the ominous black cloud that’s sporting a full set of teeth? “Of course not,” you (probably) said, because you (probably) have a heart! You can lead endangered villagers to safety in Shu, a 2.5D platformer that’s dashing and floating its way toward PS3, PS4 and Vita.

In Shu, saving villagers gives you more than just warm, fuzzy feelings. Villagers boast unique abilities, which you’ll be able to harness if you spare the time to lead them from danger. You’ll need to convince them to tag along quickly though, because if the incessant storm reaches you, it’ll snatch your companions one by one. You don’t want to lose your adorable fellow villagers and, on a definitely-less-important note, the abilities that you can only borrow in their presence, right?

Shu was originally conceived by Secret Lunch, but has since turned into a collaboration with Coatsink Software. Shu is planned to reach PlayStation platforms in mid-2015, but you can get a better sense of what you’ll be running from right now in the trailer after the break.

Source: Playstation Blog.


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