Hearthstone in real life is beautiful, but complicated (Read Below).

Ever wonder what it would be like to feel the virtual cards from Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in your hands? Well, Chinese bootleggers have you covered, friend. Website Games in Asia recently discovered and played a physical version of Blizzard’s digital card game, and the results were … well, let’s just say that being a digital game has its advantages.

“What would be a thirty-second turn in the digital game took up the better part of five minutes here. But most heinous was the set-up time,” Games in Asia reports. “Thankfully the bulk of the work doesn’t need to be repeated once you’ve set the game up once, but it still took close to two hours the first time before we could even start playing.”

The reason for such lengthy playtime seems to be that the physical version has far more moving parts, icons and tokens to keep track of. Games in Asia called it a “fun novelty.” We don’t know about that, but those cards sure do look nice in the real world.

Source: The Escapist.


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