F.E.A.R. Online beta kicks off next month (Read Below).

Remember F.E.A.R. Online? It’s still happening. In fact, it’s happening in October.


F.E.A.R. Online’s release date is October 17, according to a Steam listing that popped up earlier today. The listing has since been modified to read “Fall 2014″ instead.

This cat and mouse about the release date may have to do with an upcoming beta. According to Blue’s News, Aeria Games is inviting players to register for a closed test kicking off October 8.

The publisher may want to sit on a launch date depending on what feedback Inplay Interactive receives from the beta.

A free-to-play online shooter, F.E.A.R. Online was announced in July last year and apart from a little bit of information regarding game modes and setting, we’ve heard nothing since.

The Steam page linked above has a story breakdown for fans, but here’s the updated gameplay features run down:

  • Cooperative Story Mode
    Battle through horror-filled scenes and take down the creatures you encounter with a group of friends. Discover all-new environments, weapons, and enemies all wrapped up in a terrifying experience.
  • Fearsome Fast-paced Multiplayer
    Choose from over ten different PvP maps and shoot it out against both rival players and horrifying deadly monsters. Only the strongest will survive the nightmarish combat and live to F.E.A.R. another day.
  • Satiate your Blood Lust
    Add a twist to the classic team versus team death match by transforming into beasts! Engage in combat to fill your transformation gauge. As soon as it reaches the maximum, you will be able to transform into a blood thirsty beast!
  • Become the Soul King
    Play as a ghost with limitless potential in Soul King mode! Gain access to new abilities by possessing your enemies and hunt for fresh souls in an all out assault against other players.

Source: Polygon.


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