Miss the Loot Cave? This Destiny parody game has you covered (Read Below).

Destiny fans who miss the Loot Cave may find solace in this recreation of the experience.

Destiny isn’t actually about shooting into a cave, but that’s a funnier narrative than pointing out the inefficiencies of farming and explaining the convoluted and poorly messaged game systems, so it’s become a kind of running joke.

The developer behind CoffeeShopGameDev has made an Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator. Hit the link to play it – you’ll need to allow a Unity plug-in – or check out the video below.

I have argued before that you should stop farming and start playing Destiny – in fact, Polygon now has the same argument backed up by hard facts, which has given me a sense of vindication – but it’s true some people really enjoyed the loot cave. Standing in one place shooting till my ammo runs out seems super boring to me, but I guess there’s a kind of trance state there? And certainly it was easy to do while your brain got on with something else.

If you really miss the Loot Cave, this game isn’t your only recourse. Bungie may have nerfed Destiny’s most infamous Loot Cave, but users are finding news ones all the time.

Source: Polygon.


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