If you’re a Steam curator, you must disclose if your recommendations are sponsored (Read Below).

Steam has updated the terms and conditions of the new, week-old, Steam Curators section. The update mainly covers paid-for recommendation and lists.


Although it may seem like a regulated effort, but is probably just entirely coincidental, Steam has followed Twitch in making sure paid-for content is correctly highlighted, in an effort to add more transparency to the curation process.

Valve updated the terms and conditions of the Steam Curators feature to add a line regarding sponsored and paid-for recommendations.

“If you’ve accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation,” it reads.

It is of course still entirely possible that a curator would choose not to follow this rule, and users may never find out if a recommendation was paid for not.

Source: CVG.


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