Charlemagne expansion for Crusader Kings 2 arrives later this month (Read Below).

Charlemagne is the next expansion to be released for Crusader Kings 2, and it will come with four new pieces of DLC.

Announced back in August, the expansion adds new story events, and additional century, and the ability to create new kingdoms.

A new in-game chronicle is also included, allowing the player to easily follow their historical progress. It also highlights conquests, marriages, and more.

Charlemagne will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux worldwide on October 14 for $14.99. In addition. The four new pieces of DLC accompanying the expansion will allow players to further customize their in-game kingdoms beyond the options included with Charlemagne.

It includes “period appropriate clothing, portrait packs for the Early Middle Ages from both Eastern and Western Europe, and Dynasty Shields with appropriate coats of arms.

Check out the development video below.

Source: Polygon.


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