Next Car Game finally has a name and it’s Wreckfest (Read Below).

Bugbear’s has finally dropped the working title for its online racing game. Formerly known as Next Car Game, it shall hitherto be known as Wreckfest. Other than being provided with a new moniker, the early access title’s latest update includes 18 player multiplayer.

Players will now be able to challenge others through four different modes:1, Racing, Demolition Derby,Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

“We’re pushing the limits to get the number of simultaneous players to 24, but optimizing the network code will take a bit longer,” reads the update on the official blog. “Because the code is not yet optimized, remember that the speed of your ISP has a tremendous impact on how the races will run.

“Check the Recommended Upstream figure when you host a game, and you’ll be fine.”

Smaller features such as the ability to alter the field of vision, the camera turning while going in reverse, and server search have also been implemented.

Head on through the link to read up on Update 6 for Wreckfest.

Source: Blue.


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