Lindsay Lohan beefs up her lawsuit against GTA 5 makers (Read Below).

Lindsay Lohan is not holding back on this one. The actress has forwarded 67 more pages of evidence to the court, in her lawsuit against Rockstar Games.

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Lohan has replaced her original complaint with a new, 67-page one.

45 pages of the new filing is of pictured evidence. Photos of game discs featuring a blonde, red bikini-clad character, which Lohan claims is a photo of a “look-a-like model” used to “evoke the persona and image” of her.

Lohan’s lawyers are arguing that Rockstar has used that image on t-shirts, coffee mugs, billboard advertising, and other merchandise.

“The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain.”

Back in July when the suit was first filed, Rockstar had argued that Lohan is suing them for attention.

Source: IGN.


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