Close to 500,000 Destiny players have finished the Vault of Glass raid (Read Below).

And in more Destiny news, the six-person Vault of Glass raid has proven rather popular with players since its September launch: almost 2 million have attempted to best it on normal difficulty. More stats inside.

Speaking with Kotaku, Bungie tossed out the following numbers:

  • 1,970,807 players have attempted the raid on normal difficulty for level 26
  • 472,082 of those have defeated the final boss
  • 202,729 of those have re-attempted it at level-30 difficulty
  • 36,181 have completed it on hard

Don’t forget about three The Legend Himself clan members taking it down and then doing it again with just two players.

You Destiny folks are insane, but I’m very happy you are enjoying the game all the same.

Source: Kotaku.


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