Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s wardrobe involves Mega Man, Tetsuya Nomura (Read and See Below).

Lest you worry that your battle-accompanying Felyne (or Palico, as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate refers to them) fight beside you without armor recalling your favorite classic series, Capcom has revealed another aesthetic crossover for MH4U. Players will be able to forge replicas of the Blue Bomber’s iconic armor for their Palico friends, as well as arm them with a weapon seemingly made from the skull of Rush, Mega Man’s four-legged robotic sidekick.

For those more keen on Tetsuya Nomura’s legacy of character design, MH4U will also feature a pair of outfits designed by the longtime Final Fantasy contributor. The crimson-hued suit of armor seen in its debut image also bares resemblance to two images tweeted by Hidemi Matsuzuka, director of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai brand of figures.

At the time of this writing, pricing and release details for the figure are absent from Matsuzuka’s feed and the Play Arts Kai store. We do know, however, that fans can hunt down Mega Man apparel when MH4U lurks onto the 3DS in early 2015.

Source: Kotaku.


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