One Upon Light announced for PS4, coming early 2015 (Read Below).

One Upon Light‘s leading scientist sticks to the shadows, but it’s not that he’s some evil, brooding figure plotting the world’s demise – it’s more about the searing pain and near-instant death instilled when his path crosses a beam of light. Lucky for him, his venture through an apparently-abandoned facility sports a monochrome spectrum, offering shelter from that pesky, mostly-life-sustaining light source of ours.
A window-lined hallway won’t be enough to stop One Upon Light‘s lead though – as detailed in a post on the PlayStation Blog, the scientist is equipped with the Shadow Echo, a device that appears to hold shadows where they once were, regardless of wherever the object casting them has moved onto. You can get a glimpse of the tool in action after the break, as well as the general environmental trickery you’ll rely on to persevere in the complex.

Developer SUTD Game Lab is planning to pull back One Upon Light‘s curtain on PS4 in early 2015, and while the PS Blog post doesn’t talk money, the game’s press kit lists a $6.49 price.

Source: Playstation Blog.




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