The Unfinished Swan hits PS4, Vita next week – in Japan (Read Below).

The Unfinished Swan has a release date on PS4 and Vita – but not for us.


Popular PS3 indie The Unfinished Swan will release on PS4 and Vita in Japan next week, with full cross-buy support on all three platforms.

The news comes from PlayStation Japan, via Gematsu, and there’s been no accompanying announcement from the North American or European arms. Presumably it won’t be too long, though.

That we’re scrabbling at Japanese news for word of the release date is pretty typical of the whole story of The Unfinished Swan coming to PS4 and Vita. The first time the subject came up, a Sony staffer tweeted what seemed to be a reference to a PS4 port of Journey and The Unfinished Swan, before hastily working to correct the misapprehension.

Later, the Korean Ratings Board blithely posted a classification for The Unfinished Swan on PS4 and Vita. The game later appeared on a list of playable Gamescom demos, but even then Sony didn’t bother to make an announcement until it wanted to tell us that Journey is coming to the PS4.

We still don’t know Journey’s PS4 release date, but I expect it will leak via carrier pigeon or something.

The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow is currently working on a project codenamed Edith Finch.

Source: Gamespot.


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