Elite: Dangerous and Shantae dev working on Amazon Fire titles (Read Below).

Amazon Game Studios has signed three exclusives for its Fire devices.


Eurogamer reports WayForward Technologies is working on an adventure called Til Morning’s Light. Players control a teenage girl who must escape a New England manor, solving puzzles and surviving demon attacks.

Wayforward is well-known for its beautiful pixel art, but the trailer below makes it look like the Shantae, BloodRayne: Betrayal and DuckTales: Remastered dev is branching out.

Meanwhile, Frontier Developments has promised something called Tales From Deep Space (pictured). Described as 2.5D platformer, it allows players to switch between a travelling salesman and his droid companion, or play in co-op, to solve puzzles and battle enemies. This should be pretty exciting to anyone who can remember LostWinds now that Elite: Dangerous has soaked up all the Frontier attention.

The last game is from an outfit called Happy Tuesday, and is a tower defence game with RPG elements called Creepstorm. There’s a trailer below.

Source: VG247.


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