The Evil Within makes a cheeky reference to Resident Evil (Read Below).

The Evil Within is only the latest survival horror from genre master Shinji Mikami, and includes at least one nod to his first effort.


The Evil Within isn’t a zombie game, but does include analogous monsters (among other horrors).

According to Kotaku, which spotted the reference and made the GIF above, the first time you meet one of these pleasant fellows a few chapters in, it’s presented via a short cutscene that’s very, very similar to the first zombie introduction in Resident Evil.

Mikami is responsible for both games, and The Evil Within is his (possibly triumphant?) return to the genre he helped establish. He left Capcom after Resident Evil 4, and some fans believe he took the true survival horror spirit with him. This subtle Easter Egg, likely to be noticed only by diehard fans, is a nice little acknowledgment of Mikami’s history.

Hit the link above to see the scene from The Evil Within, but here’s Resident Evil’s equivalent.

Source: Kotaku.


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