Destiny: watch this incredible solo Templar battle (Read Below).

Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid holds no fears for this talented and ballsy Guardian.

Destiny is designed for teams of three, but the Vault of Glass raid is intended for six. We’ve already seen some incredible feats performed by smaller groups managing to finish the entire raid with half or even one-third teams, but it’s probably impossible to solo due to the raid’s mechanics.

I say “probably” because the community just keeps surprising me. In the video below, Venom Nommy challenges the Templar, the first of the raid’s bosses, on hard mode – and they do it alone.

A recent Destiny patch axed a cheese strategy for the Templar, making the run much harder on both difficulty settings. Many Guardians believed this feat would be impossible with less than a full fireteam, let alone one lonely warrior. Amazing.

Source: Polygon.


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