The Very First Wikipedia Entries For 19 Tech Icons (Read Below).

Single-serving tumblrs tend to fizzle out and die before their first day is even up, but First Drafts of History might actually have some staying power. Because when it comes to hunting down the more delightfully bizarre of Wikipedia’s first entries, there’s enough material to last a lifetime.

The new Tumblr comes from John Overhault, who performs a vaguely similar role over at Harvard’s Houghton Library as a curator of early modern books and manuscripts. John’s just getting started, though, so I figured we’d give him a break and do our own dirty work.

Here are some of tech’s most prescient, shortsighted, bizarre, and/or just all around wonderful first draft Wikipedia entries. Think you might know one that’s better? Just click the “View History” button on any Wikipedia page, and show us what you’ve got down below.

SmartphoneiPhoneAndroidFacebookTwitterGoogle+Reddit4ChanChat RoomCloud ComputingiPodZuneNexus QMiniDiscMicrosoftOS XWebOSTesla MotorsSpaceX.

Source: Kottke


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