NBA Live 15 demo and trial available next week (Read Below).

NBA Live 15 is probably in the “try before you buy” category for many fans thanks to a rough couple of releases, but EA is making that possible.


A demo for NBA Live 15 will hit PS4 in North America on October 28, according to Gamespot.

It’s a traditional taster featuring a tutorial and one head-to-head matchup between Oklahoma City and Cleveland.

On Xbox One, things are a little more interesting. EA is offering a six hour trial with unlimited access to the game’s feature set, and the ability to transfer your progress to the full game.

If you’re an EA Access member, you can check out this trial from October 23. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for October 28, just like PS4 players.

European dating was not provided, but since NBA Live 15 is due on October 28 in North America, we expect the demo and trial to go live in Europe alongside the game, on October 31.

NBA Live 15 is better than NBA Live 14, producer Sean O’Brien has said, and NBA Live 16 will be even better.

Source: Gamespot.


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