Well, this Far Cry 4 marketing is suitably bizarre (Read Below).

Far Cry 4 is the excuse for a series of short, interactive live-action films.


Far Cry 4′s Kryat is brought to live in the “What are you made of?” campaign, which will consist of four short films.

The films will be presented on a digital platform, allowing viewers to interact with them. Each will present a series of choices, with only bare moments to decide. At the end of each short, the viewer’s choices will be analysed and a personality assessment presented. Oh, and it’ll unlock Uplay content, too.

Altogether, the series present 42 million possible routes, and it would take up to 100 days to see them all.

Ubisoft provided descriptions of the four films:

  • A deadly face-to-face encounter with « An eye for an eye »
  • An impenetrable mind maze with « Rabbit hole »
  • A hypnotic trance with « Mind Blossom »
  • A blindfolded sound chase with « Escape »

Also, here’s a trailer:

Far Cry 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 18.

Source: Ubisoft (Youtube).


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