First Lords of the Fallen reviews drop ahead of embargo (Read Below).

Lords of the Fallen reviews are embargoed until later today, but a few have crossed the line early. What do critics think of City Interactive’s gamble on Tomasz Gop?


Lords of the Fallen has a hell of a lineage to live up to. Its major creative driving force was a key figure on The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings, and has made no secret of his influences, name-dropping major RPGs and even describing the new IP as a “soup” made up of past successes.

So far, critics don’t seem to view this as a bad thing although the mish-mash has not set hearts alight with passion.

While most major sites seem to be waiting for the embargo at 8:00AM UK, the game is on store shelves now, so a few early assessments have gone up based on retail copies. It’s worthwhile remembering that reviews based on retail copies won’t have had much time with the game, even if they got them a little early. That said, GameInformer, GameTrailers, IGN and Polygon also seem to have evaded City Interactive’s restrictions.

Keep an eye out later in the day when we’ll have a full round up of embargoed reviews for you. For now, here are a small number of scores (out of ten, unless otherwise noted):

Source: 20th CNetwork.


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