Hellblade developer is trying to create something between indie and AAA – video (Read and Watch Below).

In the fifth episode of a developer diary for Ninja Theory’s Hellblade we get a look at how the development team aims to make something that takes creative risks like an indie game would, and still strives for AAA-games quality.

hellblade (4)

The video below features a look at the studio’s quest to self-publish a game without compromises, thanks to the rise of digital distribution on new-gen consoles.

It’s an interesting way to approach game development, because the developer is not interested in selling three or four million copies and it’s certainly not interested in making a game that appeals to everybody. Rather, the emphasis is on making a game that could stand on its own and find its audience while having realistic goals.

Hellblade Development Diary 5: Business of Creation from NinjaTheory on Vimeo.

Source: Ninja Theory (Vimeo).


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