P.T. remade in Project Spark (Read Below).

Silent Hills is probably going to be multi-platform, but P.T., its excellent playable teaser, is not. Never mind though, here’s something for Xbox One owners.

YouTuber KavinskeeZ has rebuilt P.T. using PC and Xbox One sandbox Project Spark. Here’s a trailer for the experience, recreating the original P.T. trailer shown at gamescom 2014, but substituting footage from Nicolas Cage film Vampire’s Kiss 8mm for the user shots.

I haven’t tried this recreation but from viewing the trailer above it looks pretty accurate; the foyer with the dresser covered in stuff, for example. It’s just a shame Spark’s default textures are so cutesy.

I’d be very interested to see if the creator has managed to build in the looping hallways and puzzles that make exploring P.T. more than just viewing a spooky environment. Why not go find out for me? Just search for R.T.

P.T. has also been recreated in Minecraft. But if you have a PS4, do go try the original; it’s a free download, and well worth it.

Source: Gamespot.


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