Final Fantasy 14 free weekend kicks off today (Read Below).

Final Fantasy 14 is opening its doors to lapsed subscribers this weekend, encouraging them to come try the MMORPG in the wake of the latest patch.


Final Fantasy 14′s latest patch, 2.4, arrived at the end of October. It adds rogues, ninjas, a new dungeon and much more.

Square Enix is hoping that former players will return to the game to check out the new content, and to entice them, is waiving subscription fees for a weekend.

If you have previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy 14 and don’t currently have an active subscription, you can play for free from 12:00AM Friday November 7 through 12:00AM Monday November 10 (PST).

You can grab the latest client direct from Square Enix.

More information is available on Lodestone, FF14′s community site. It’s not clear whether the offer applies to PS3 and PS4 players.

The free weekend is in addition to the new 14 day trial period; the difference is that the trial is open to new players only. Also, that trial is for PC players only.

Source: IGN.


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