Son of a gun, Disney Interactive finally made some money (Read Below).

Disney has announced its financial results for the year, with the Interactive division showing its first profit in six years.


It’s actually the first time Disney has ever reported a profit for the Interactive segment, as it only began highlighting the division’s activities a few years ago. At the time, Disney’s games business was deep in the red.

Disney dropped the vast majority of its games business, closing studios and issuing lay-offs, eventually returning to launch Disney Infinity. Ever since the sandbox title launched its fortunes have been steadily improving; last year it lost “just” $87 million, its best result ever at the time. Well done!

This year though? Revenues increased 22% year-on-year to $1.3 billion, with a huge decrease in ongoing costs, resulting in $116 million in operating income.

In the fourth quarter, Disney saw profits increase 13% to $18 million, although sales fell 9% to $362 million. This is likely down to timing more than anything; Disney Infinity 2.0 didn’t arrive till the very end of the financial year.

Overall, the corporation reported positive increases in revenues and net income both for the quarter and the full year.

Source: Polygon.


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