Halo 4 writer Chris Schierf is penning the next Mass Effect game (Read Below).

Bioware has introduced the team working on the next Mass Effect title, and turns out, Halo 4′s lead writer Chris Schierf will be penning the next game in the franchise.

According to the blog post, Schlerf joined the team as lead writer in November 2013 .

Other members of the development team include: Chris Wynn, senior development director; Fabrice Condominas, producer; Ian Frazier, lead designer; Joel MacMillan, art director; Mac Walters, creative director; Mike Gamble returns as producer; and Yanick Roy is the firm’s studio director.

Bioware is set to stream a Mass Effect 4 roundtable session at 6pm UK/1pm EST, and while not much is known about the title at present, Gamble said the next game will allow players to “explore and seek out new wonders” as well as provide “the freedom to chart their own course.”

You can watch the live stream here.

Source: Gamespot.


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