Clannad English localisation on the cards thanks to crowdfunding (Read Below).

Clannad, the 2004 visual novel which inspired the popular anime series, is finally heading west.


Sekai Project launched a Kickstarter today to localise the PC game into English, granting access to the lauded romance for those who don’t want to faff about with fan translations.

The team asked for $140,000 and is almost certain to get it; at time of writing it had raised over $91,000.

Backer rewards include physical copies of the game as well as a variety of other bonuses, and as Sekai Project is working with original developer Key, you can even get copies of the extra materials included with the original game, and more.

Clannad is especially interesting for its place in Key’s history. It was the first PG-rated visual novel the developer released, having previously worked on erotic games which were censored for general release.

Source: Kotaku.


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