Diablo 3: cross-platform play and Seasons content for consoles ruled out (Read Below).

Blizzard has confirmed that Xbox and PlayStation owners will not be able to play Diablo 3 together, nor will they receive any of the Seasons content.


Speaking to GameSpot, lead designer Kevin Martens confirmed it’s “definitely not possible at this point with this game.

“We didn’t build it that way, so the two ecosystems are closed. I’m trying to give you the most definitive, least PR answer there is, and that is no, we can’t do that. What the Xbox and PlayStation networks do is different than what Battle.net does.”

Those differences also rule out the possibility of Seasons – a chance for players to build new characters and start the game afresh on a level playing field.

“Seasons requires always online, and that’s one of the major differences in the ecosystems there. For seasonal conquests and things to be what they are, everyone has to be playing on the same leveled field. That’s a great example for something that doesn’t work for consoles.”

If you’re interested in Season 2 content, Blizzard has just updated players on the official site.

Source: Gamespot.


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