The Banner Saga, Toren, Kyn and Armikrog headed to PS4 next year (Read Below).

Four celebrated indies are making their way to PS4 in early 2015 thanks to publisher Versus Evil.


The Banner Saga should need no introduction. Stoic is a team of former BioWare staffers, and the strategy RPG has a strong narrative emphasis. Plus King tried to stop it using the word Saga, which was pretty memorable.

Armikrog is a little more obscure. It’s an adventure game from the team behind The Neverhood, and its claymation stlye should be familiar to fans of that classic. It was crowdfunded successfully in 2013.

Toren is a gorgeous adventure in which the player protects a child on a journey to climb the titular tower, battling monsters and solving puzzles. It received an honourable mention for excellence in art design at the 2012 IGF Awards.

Kyn, on the other hand, I had never heard of. Apparently it’s a tactical RPG put together in two years by a team of just two, with Viking themes and “hours upon hours of adventuring”.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, all four indies are coming to PS4 early next year thanks to Versus Evil, and will playable at the upcoming PlayStation Experience 2014.

Source: Playstation Blog.


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