Kmart joins Target in removing GTA 5 from store shelves (Read Below).

Kmart has now joined Target in pulling copies of GTA 5 from store shelves in Australia.


Yesterday, retailer Target decided to stop selling GTA 5 in Australia due to customer feedback about the game’s depiction of violence against women.

Kmart has today followed suit in deciding to no longer sell the game.

“Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto Games Kmart has taken the decision to remove this product immediately,” read a statement that was provided to KotakuAU. “Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.”

Following the statement, KotakuAU learned that GTA 4 and Episodes from Liberty City are also being removed by the store chain, according to a store representative.

Target also appears to be removing all copies of GTA, 4 and 5, despite only announcing the removal of the latter. An anonymous source told the site that earlier GTA games are being “stealth pulled” from the shelves.

Both Target and Kmart share the same corporate owner, Wesfarmers, according to the site.

CEO of Take-Two, parent company of developer Rockstar expressed his disappointment in the retailer’s decision earlier.

Thanks, KotakuAU.


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