Resident Evil HD will support cross-buy on PS3 and PS4, but only for pre-orders (Read Below).

Those who were hoping Resident Evil HD will be a cross-buy title across PS3 and PS4 will be happy to know that it will be. Except, it’s only for those who pre-order.


Cross-buy has usually been taken for granted for those who are used to buying digital games on their PlayStation console. The feature gives you access to a free digital copy on all PlayStation platforms when you buy just one on any of them.

Usually, games that support this feature offer it for free and don’t limit it to pre-orders. Capcom however is changing that with the pre-order bonus for Resident Evil HD. The game’s store page mentions cross-buy as a pre-order bonus along with a PS3 theme.

The feature is only available to those who pre-order, according to a Capcom representative who spoke to Polygon.

Resident Evil HD is a remake of the GameCube version. It will support 1080p resolution and will sport various other improvements. It will release in January.

Thanks, Gamespot.


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